Multiple global audiences. One uplifting brand.

Better Work, a joint initiative of the International Labour Organization and the World Bank, pioneered an innovative approach to improving working conditions in garment factories that has proven effective in raising tens of thousands of workers out of poverty. To scale up globally, the organization needed to communicate its value not only to millions of workers themselves, but to other constituents whose support was critical to its success, including clothing brands, factory owners and governments. We created a brand built around the fact that when workers are treated fairly, everyone benefits, from enhanced productivity at the factory level to greater national competitiveness. Encapsulated in a strong statement, “Better for All,” the brand creates a compelling overarching value proposition that was then tailored to individual audiences through a detailed messaging platform. The visual brand, including a new logo, is bold and optimistic, emphasizing the success that Better Work has achieved rather than the challenges workers face. Since launching, the brand has received widespread support from the partners as well as from many of the world’s top retailing conglomerates.

Services: Brand strategy, Messaging, Visual Identity & Graphic Standards, Print collateral