Rooting a growing education law firm in its mission to serve

Since its start in 2006, F3 Law has been dedicated to serving public education in California and beyond. With expertise ranging from special education and technology, to facilities and employment, the F3 Law team is increasingly recognized nationally as an authority on education law. The firm also uniquely offers a range of client services, including legislative guidance, professional development and communications support. At F3 Law, an unwavering passion for and commitment to public education is intrinsic — many of its attorneys and staff even began their careers working in schools as teachers, aides, trustees and general counsels.

Over the years, the firm has grown immensely, in both size and reputation — from fewer than 20 to more than 80 attorneys, working with about 400 of the state’s school districts, county offices and other education organizations. Its materials, however, did not reflect this evolution. The firm's branding felt dated and impersonal, and its website, with limited navigation and filtering options, did not serve the growing audience.

Key Insight
After conducting a number of interviews with clients and staff, as well as a partner survey, it became clear that the F3 Law team stands out among stakeholders for being unlike “typical” lawyers. The firm is known for its people — folks who are not only intelligent (table stakes for a law firm), but also friendly, kind and down-to-earth. From the beginning, F3 Law has been driven by a core mission to serve public education and the students who benefit from it. Infusing this mission and this humanity into the brand was essential.

F3 Law believes deeply that making the law work for our schools ensures that schools can work for our children, so we built a brand narrative around the line, "A Smarter Future, Together." This spirit of teamwork and optimism bolsters both the verbal and visual brand. We even changed their name from Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost to 'F3 Law' to be more conversational and match how they were often referred to colloquially. Inspired by the golden California sun, as well as the hopeful promise of a new day, F3 Law's tone and imagery are warm and bright. Maintaining the firm's signature lime-green color, unique among their peers, we expanded the palette to include a gradient of greens from light to dark that reflect growth, as well as incorporated a sunrise orange-pink accent palette. We created an abstract "F" device of three stacked forms to develop a layered motif is used throughout the system. All materials feature mission-forward messaging, and attorney testimonials about F3 Law's positive culture and drive to serve are showcased throughout the website.

Services: Brand Strategy, Research, Naming, Messaging, Logo, Visual Identity System, Website


"Ultravirgo provides timely, creative and strategically focused concepts and solutions. As one of California's leading public education law firms, we strive to provide content that will resonate with educators, our clients. Ultravirgo takes the time to understand both the market we serve and the firm's culture and mission, and this understanding translates into a remarkable creative product. Their point of difference is that they are creative with a strategic focus - a blend that is hard to find."

Terilyn Finders
Director of Communications
F3 Law