Global stories of people who improve the world for others.

For is a print publication highlighting important topics that are facing humanity, approaching our subjects with a positive, optimistic attitude. With interviewees from around the world, each article focuses on an amazing person who improves the lives of others, inspiring readers to make changes in our own communities. Our most ambitious self-initiated studio project yet, we launched this magazine after hearing so many amazing stories from clients and friends about individuals taking action for the benefit of others. Each issue is based on a theme of the human experience. The first issue, For: Maturing, explored the broad concept of maturing – considering the growth and change of people, societies, and ideas with the passing of time. Subjects include former US President Jimmy Carter, Colombian peace representative Delis Palacios and architect Matthias Hollwich. Our second issue, For: Belonging, explores how the intersection of identity, location and culture affects our connection to others. Features include US Representative Rashida Tlaib, Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo and a special visual gallery presenting the work of displaced Yazidi youth using photography to tell their stories.

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