Better Lives. Together.

The field of Parkinson’s organizations is challenging — competition for funding is high in an undifferentiated marketplace. Donors want to fund a cure even though it is likely years away, while people with Parkinson’s need support now. Two organizations with separate missions — National Parkinson Foundation, which had focused on improving care, and Parkinson's Disease Foundation, which was known for research — merged in an effort to combine forces to achieve a common goal. This new entity needed to unite both organizations with a new brand, leveraging the long history of each while signaling a new approach. Our solution is built on the brand promise of “Real Progress. Together.” which is communicated publicly through the tagline “Better Lives. Together.” It underscores the demonstrable successes of the two legacy organizations and emphasizes accountability to true, measurable progress through cooperation across the entire community. The new design highlights this cooperation with custom imagery featuring a range of real individuals from the Parkinson’s community — doctors, caregivers, donors, and people living with Parkinson’s — united by a single bright blue color that symbolizes optimism. The logo is specifically designed to serve as a platform for community expression, offering an open space for individuals to handwrite their own messages to personalize materials.
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Services: Brand strategy, Tagline, logo, visual identity system

“Ultravirgo did an outstanding job of helping the Parkinson’s Foundation develop its branding and update its strategic messaging. From our first planning meeting, to the working team meetings, to the launch of our new brand, Ultravirgo demonstrated a keen understanding of our organization’s vision and mission objectives. By carefully listening to our leadership team and stakeholders, Ultravirgo captured the essence of our organization and translated that into a comprehensive brand identity. I strongly recommend Ultravirgo to any firm, large or small, looking for the very best in branding and messaging.”

John L. Lehr
President & Chief Executive Officer
Parkinson's Foundation