The movement begins with you

As Parkinson’s Disease continues to affect millions of people around the world, the Parkinson’s Foundation asked us to help launch a new signature fundraising event, with the challenge of engaging a younger audience. Building on our identity for their successful Moving Day walks that raise millions of dollars per year, we started by naming the indoor cycling event Parkinson’s Revolution – describing the pedaling motion while also inspiring a sense of collective action. With a strategy based on individual achievement, we amped up the energy through a cool-black look and boldly-lit photos that signal that it is not your grandfather’s typical fundraiser. We communicated the energy of the event through a custom photoshoot of Parkinson’s volunteers, helping direct a commercial, and creating graphics for event-day experiences that embody the high-energy tone. The first event – held simultaneously at Flywheel locations in 7 cities and in living rooms around the country – doubled its fundraising goal.
Photos and video: Neto Almanza. Event photos: Parkinson's Foundation

Services: Naming, strategy and tagline, logo, visual identity system, art direction