Looking back to look ahead

UNDP’s Rule of Law group has been operating for 8 years, supporting and strengthening the rule of law in vulnerable areas around the globe. In 2015, as they concluded their initial strategic phases and embarked on Phase III, they needed a strong annual report to raise awareness of the crucial role they play while highlighting specific accomplishments and programs from 2015. To accomplish this, we structured the book into three distinct chapters, led by a visionary line from their mission: The Rule of Law turns human rights from a principle into reality running large from the cover to the third page. Bold typography and forthright language throughout help tell the stories of the people helped through the programs, giving the reader a quick impression of the amazing work they do.

Services: Messaging, Print Design

"Ultravirgo’s efforts to understand the complexity of our work, the message we wanted to communicate, and the audience that we were targeting translated into a successful and memorable Annual Report that we won’t tire of referencing throughout the entire year. Crucial to this success was Ultravirgo’s ability to operate under a tight timeline and produce revisions with remarkably quick turnaround times. We greatly appreciated Ultravirgo’s patience and creative energy that they brought to the project. We are already dreaming up ideas of what we can create together for next year’s report."

Chelsea Shelton
United Nations Development Programme, Rule of Law, Justice, Security, and Human Rights