Putting local impact on the global stage

Every single day, 1,000 people leave home for work and don’t come back. More than 6,500 people die daily from work-related diseases as well. The Vision Zero Fund was founded by the G7 with the goal of creating a world with zero workplace deaths, accidents, or diseases.

After five years in operation, with successful programs in eight countries, the Vision Zero Fund had yet to articulate a unique value proposition. Due to this, they were struggling to forge crucial partnerships with the private sector, with one partner we interviewed even saying, “It’s not immediately clear what their purpose is… and for that reason, I haven’t paid attention to it.”

Key Insight
We identified their combination of hyper-local programs, such as designing safer equipment for ginger farmers in Myanmar, with truly global influence through their administration within the UN’s International Labour Organization, as a unique recipe for impact.

Rooted in the belief that worker safety and health is a basic human right, we built a brand narrative on the line “See beyond” that highlights their ability to see beyond borders, beyond individual agendas, and beyond bureaucratic red tape to activate smarter solutions at all levels of the global supply chain. This idea of expanded perspective became the basis for a visual system that utilizes concentric circles and photo pairings of expansive wide-angles to details of workplaces across the supply chain, to envision a world where all workers have a safe workplace, from the farm to the market.

The brand was launched at a global High Level Forum that took place online over three days, organized by Ultravirgo and the Vision Zero Fund. Over 18,000 people from 90 countries participated, 75% of which were new to the Fund – including significant engagement from the private sector. More than 95% of these attendees left with a positive impression, according to a post-event survey.

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