Fighting Violence Against Women

We were asked by UNFPA and SICA to build a central narrative and unified visual system to support a campaign aimed at fighting violence against women in Central America. The campaign asks each member of society to undertake one personal action to prevent violence against women. With local agencies in 8 countries tasked with implementation, our goal was to set up an overarching vision to unify their themes and give them the tools to create culturally-relevant events, apps, social media, and advertising that tied in to the broader campaign. Our solution centered on the idea that a single proactive action can spark a chain effect of positive actions that spread throughout a community. The theme line “Yo Soy Protagonista ¿Y tu?” (“I am a protagonist, are you?” in English) creates a personal feeling of empowerment while openly asking others to find their own way to contribute. We developed an exclamation mark logo that functions as the starting point for a flexible “map” system where lines travel outward to create symbols of empowerment. We offered a few key symbols, including a pencil, megaphone, and arrow; and provided guidance for organizations to create their own symbols using the system. The symbols are built from a palette of 8 colors inspired by the fauna and flora of the Central American region, with each color representing one of the 8 countries participating in the campaign – celebrating strength through unity.